Rabu, 17 Oktober 2012

I dont be like this :'(

Hey readers :( How are you? Fine yah? Okay good :3 Okay today nak story story sikit. It's all about US just me and him :( How my relationship? I dont know. It's killing to me. Why? Cause he already say I LEAVE YOU :( Whattheeeeeee! It's okay, i know who i am. Mesti semuanya salah akukan? Haa semuanya salah aku pun. Sebab aku mungkir? No already broke your promise :(
Sayang, please what should i do? You tahukan i tak boleh hidup tanpa you. My life sucks without you. You make me in love with you. You already know right? Please, i never let you go and you should know sayang :'( And how long to be like this? Everyday i just can get hurting,crying,mad :'( How long? Untill my last breath? Sayang, you know what i'm talking about? It's about us baby. Tahu tak I just want old you. Time 2011. You're perfect :) Now? Hmm i dont know. Tak habis-habis cakap itu ini. Sayang, tak lama lagi anniversary kita right? I hope, this tuesday, we can meet and wish anniversary togehther. I hope :')
Awak, please be honetly if you have someone guy. Ya, i know you have it. So, please please please :'( Kita tak mintak lebih punkan? Hmm sayang, kita nak contact awak tapi kita nak tunggu awak contact kita,pujuk kita and macam-macam. I need you in my life. Without you my life just haven't  nothing. I love you so much cupcake,. Yes, i do cupcake. And i'm sorry for everything :'( Dont leave me okay? Please dont leave me :'(

Hmm okay, i will come back again. Just that's for today. Bye!

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  1. syg be tough ok..if ada jodoh Insyallah u both will 2getda again Amin..